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The Sweet Rose Philosophy


At Sweet Rose Creamery we make small batches of homemade ice cream using only the best ingredients. We use organic milk and cream from Clover Organic Farms and eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers. Both suppliers are antibiotic and hormone free! Chino Valley Ranchers use organic feed and cage free practices in the care of their chickens, while Clover Organic Farms work with family farmers who are located on the North Coast of California and recognized by the American Humane Association. We also make every effort to purchase our produce from farmers who use organic and sustainable agricultural practices, and support our local farmers by purchasing our produce at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (You’ll see us there every Wednesday!).

Sweet Rose Creamery pasteurizes on site and makes all ice cream, sorbets, and dairy free ice creams on premises from scratch every day. We never use any stabilizers in our ice cream bases, and we never use pre-mix bases for any of our products. Pasteurizing on site and starting recipes from scratch allows our Chef and Co-Owner, Shiho Yoshikawa, to have control over the variety and quality of the ingredients she chooses. We also make our own hand-made cones, frozen novelties, cakes, pies, and toppings in house from scratch (except for sodas, sprinkles & coco nibs).

We feature 12 or more flavors in our stores daily, as well as other treats like fruit pops, sundaes, milk shakes, or ice cream cakes & pies. Our flavors and featured items change each month and our menu focuses on seasonality and a variety of fresh, unique flavors all year round. Sweet Rose Creamery makes all of its ice cream at its kitchen location at 826 Pico and currently services a store at the same location, its original store at the Brentwood Country Mart and its newest store in Mid City at 7565 Beverly Blvd.

Josh Loeb & Zoe Nathan


Josh and Zoe are the husband and wife co-owners of Rustic Canyon Wine Bar and Seasonal Kitchen, Huckleberry Café, Milo & Olive, and Sweet Rose Creamery. Josh and Zoe were both born and raised in Santa Monica, a great city which they felt for years lacked delicious yet unpretentious eateries. One by one they set out to open restaurants and food related businesses that, although diverse in what they offer, followed Josh and Zoe’s commitment to great local ingredients, making everything by hand, and hiring thoughtful and talented people. Rustic Canyon is their neighborhood farm to table restaurant. It’s open for dinner only and serves hand crafted ingredient driven cuisine, along with specialty cocktails and a carefully selected but robust list of small production wines.

Huckleberry is Zoe’s baby, since she considers herself a baker first and foremost. Huckleberry is a bustling bakery and café serving great quality food all day long along with Zoe’s hand made pastries, desserts and coffee. Milo and Olive is their pizzeria and bread workshop, the place where they make numerous different kinds of artisan breads to serve in house and to use in all of their others restaurants, and serve a beautiful yet simple menu of pizzas and other items out of the wood fired oven. Sweet Rose came out of Josh’s love of Ice Cream and Zoe’s love of Shiho Yoshikawa, her longtime friend from their days back at Tartine and their now co-owner and Chef at their ice cream shop.  Recognizing how talented Shiho was they set forth to bring great ice cream to LA with Shiho at the helm.

Shiho Yoshikawa


Each week, Shiho shops at the Santa Monica farmers’ market for seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make batches of ice cream and sorbets. Seasonal cooking was ingrained in her from an early age. She has fond memories of cooking side-by-side with her mother, often using fruits and vegetables they raised together from her parents’ garden, and hot summers sipping green tea she helped harvest from her grandmother’s farm.

She left Japan for the US to study English and Art at age 15 and completed her art studies at California College of the Arts. Her artwork focused on highlighting one’s continuous journey to find a ‘beautiful spark’ in daily life and how that inspires oneself. She found that food continued to be a consistent source of inspiration. “When I encounter a perfectly ripe peach–the creamy fragrance, its sweet, abundant juice, the ticklish fuzz, the exploding sunset when split open–it’s the stuff that triggers memories, emotions, desire. I can’t help but be inspired to share the joy of this experience.”

Ultimately her passion for food drove her to attend culinary school, and shortly after landed a job at Tartine Bakery where she first worked alongside and then became friends with Zoe Nathan. After honing her baking skills at Tartine she helped open Zoe and Josh’s Huckleberry Café & Bakery in Santa Monica as well as Mutsumi Takehara’s Sandbox bakery in San Francisco. Shiho realized she wanted to try her hand at a business of her own and planned on opening an ice cream shop in Hawaii, where her husband was born and raised. However, Zoe and Josh proposed she should come on board to head the dessert kitchen at Sweet Rose Creamery. It was a natural choice to make, and so in 2010, Shiho helped launch Sweet Rose Creamery, sharing fun, bold flavors everyday.