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Coming Up this Month…

SUNDAY@12p, JUNE 28th CHEF SHIHO’s Pop up at Tortoise General Store every 4th SUNDAY! Serving exclusive FLAVORS, CONES and spinning FRESH ICE CREAM! This Month’s Menu include: Edamame, Miso Caramel, Shiso sherbet, White peach sorbet, Vanilla bean, DCR coffee granite!
GOOD EGGS!: Our Pints are available on – Order your delivery now!
Seasonal toppings: Have you tried our new seasonal toppings for the month? Come in our store to try the new lemon wafer toppings as well as fresh farmers market stone fruit coulis on top of any ice cream scoops!
ALMONDMILK: Our famous house made ALMOND MILK is now available to go in 16oz Bottles! Add it to your morning Smoothies and Shakes, recycle the glass bottle at our store.