The Sweet Rose Philosophy

At Sweet Rose Creamery we make small batches of hand-crafted ice cream daily in our kitchen in Santa Monica.  We use only the best ingredients we can get our hands on including organic milk and cream from Clover Farms, organic eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers, fresh fruit and nuts from our favorite famers at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and more.  Our kitchen is 100% GMO free and kosher certified, and we make our own toppings, sauces and cones daily as well.  We hope you enjoy eating our ice cream as much as we love making it.  

Shiho Yoshikawa

Shiho grew up in Japan cooking and gardening with her parents.  She traveled to the US to study English and art at the age of 15.  After graduating from California College of Arts & Crafts, she met Zoe, the two bonding through countless early morning bake shifts at paper writer Tartine Bakery. Shortly after Zoe opened Huckleberry, Zoe and Josh asked her to run their future ice cream shop.

Since 2010, Shiho has been having fun experimenting with flavors inspired by the variety of ingredients, people and places she connects with. Throughout the year, much inspiration comes from the local farmers market by selecting from the bounty of flavorful, colorful ingredients available – lucky us in southern CA!


Josh Loeb & Zoe Nathan

Josh and Zoe are the husband and wife co-owners of Rustic Canyon Family of Restaurants– a family that is ever growing. Starting with Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, Huckleberry, Milo and Olive, Sweet Rose Creamery and most recently Cassia and Esters Wine bar.  Josh and Zoe were both born and raised in Santa Monica, a great city which they felt for years lacked delicious yet unpretentious eateries. One by one they set out to open restaurants and food related businesses that, although diverse in what they offer, followed Josh and Zoe’s commitment to great local ingredients, making everything by hand, and hiring thoughtful and talented people. Sweet Rose came out of Josh’s love of ice cream and Zoe’s love of Shiho Yoshikawa, her longtime friend from their days back at Tartine and their now co-owner and Chef at their ice cream shop.  Recognizing how talented Shiho was they set forth to bring great ice cream to LA with Shiho at the helm.

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