vanilla ice cream cake covered in rainbow sprinkles

Ice Cream Cakes

Our decadent ice cream cakes are perfect for birthdays, dinner parties, picnics and any celebration that calls for a sweet treat! Available at all locations to pick-up, or call your closest shop at
310-260-2663 to pre-order. 


Cookies & Cream – $45

chocolate cake layered with Cookies & Cream ice cream, frosted with sweet cream ice cream, covered in homemade wafer cookie crumbs and topped with a scoop of Cookies & Cream ice cream
small size only, feeds 6-8 people


Sprinkles – $45

vanilla bean cake layered and frosted with Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream, covered in rainbow sprinkles and topped with a scoop of Old Fashioned Vanilla ice cream
small size only, feeds 6-8 people

Neapolitan – $60
three layers of ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) and one layer of chocolate cake, covered in dripping fudge and topped with three baby ice cream cones
8-10 people

a layered cake with chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream and drippy hot fudge
a knife slicing through a layered cake covered in chocolate cookie crumbles