You can now enjoy Sweet Rose ice cream anytime, anywhere! We ship nationwide!

In need of a sweet treat? Looking for a creative gift?

Our pint clubs and packs make for dangerously delicious goodies!

Classic Pint Club

4 classic pints delivered 4 times a year. Gift the classics all year long!

$55 per season + shipping

Seasonal Pint Club

4 seasonal flavors at your doorstep 4 times a year.  A delicious surprise for each season!

$55 per season + shipping

Classic Pint Pack

4 pints of our classic flavors – yum!

$60 + shipping

Gift Cards

Give the gift of Sweet Rose!


Seasonal Pint Pack

4 flavors – best of the season!

$60 + shipping

Dairy Free Pint Pack

4 delicious dairy free sorbets!

$60 + shipping

Mix & Match Pint Pack

Create your own flavor destiny!

$60 + shipping

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