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Our flavors are seasonally inspired and our menu changes monthly. We carry at least 14 flavors in store daily.

October Flavors

Classic Flavors

  • Caffe Luxxe Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Old Fashioned Vanilla
  • Fresh Mint with Homemade Chocolate Chips
  • Salted Caramel

Soft Serve Flavors

  • Ginger Apple (Dairy Free)
  • Sesame Milk

Seasonal Flavors

  • Earl Grey
  • Strawberry
  • Spiced Pumpkin
  • Cookie Dough
  • Tart Frozen Yogurt
  • Vanilla Soy with Kuromitsu
  • Rose Geranium with Salty Pistachio
  • Malted Milk with Mocha Ripple
  • Stout
  • Prune Plum with Blackberry Ripple
  • Nectarine Jam
  • Fresh Allspice Leaf
  • Late Harvest Peach Sorbet (Dairy-free)
  • Farmers Market Apple Sorbet (Dairy-free)
  • Pear Riesling Sorbet (Dairy-free)
  • Blackberry (Dairy-free)
  • Korean Techu Jujube Tea Sorbet (Dairy Free)
  • Seasonal Ice Cream Sandwich

    Earl Grey Ice Cream with Chocolate Wafer Cookie

    Seasonal Bon Bon

    Stout Ice Cream dipped in Guittard chocolate

    Seasonal Sundae

    Halloween Sundae all month! Spiced Pumpkin ice cream, hot fudge and caramel sauce, salty pepitas, whipped cream, homemade boo marshmallow and cat/bat brownie

    Coffee Drinks

    featuring locally roasted Caffe Luxxe Coffee

    Clover Organic Milk & Cream

    all syrups & our almond milk are house made!

    • Espresso
    • Macchiato
    • Cortado
    • Affogato
    • Americano
    • Cappuccino
    • Caffe Latte
    • Vanilla Latte
    • Almond Milk Latte
    • Valrhona Caffe Mocha
    • Rustic Canyon Brewed Coffee
    • Single Origin Pour Over Coffee
    • 24 Hour Cold Brew
    • Guittard Hot Chocolate (coffee free!)

    Morning Pastries

    featuring fresh baked pastries from Milo & Olive

    • Walnut & Strawberry Jam Scone
    • Banana Chocolate Cake (vegan, gluten free)
    • Lemon Poppy Muffin (gluten free)
    • Prosciutto Gruyere Croissant
    • Almond Croissant
    • Valrhona Chocolate Croissant
    • Mini Ginger Bundt Cakes
    • Fruit and Nut Bread
    • Butter Croissant

    Tea Selection

    Featuring The Art of Tea

    • Earl Grey
    • English Breakfast
    • Kukicha Green
    • Pacific Coast Mint
    • Chamomile